Ultra-fast Data Recorders for Industry

Oil Well Tools

sample imageThe Series 300 Gauge records pressure, temperature data, and they can be used to measure tool movement force/vibration environments up to +/- 50,000 G's. This exclusive feature of the IES Gauge is very useful in monitoring and analyzing perforation events.

High Shock Recorders

sample imageMilitary Recorders capture high-speed data for ballistic and explosives testing.  We record at approximately 116kHz, allowing for detailed modeling and analysis. 

Our Clients


Our clients include the Air Force, defense contractors, and several drilling services companies.

Data, Graphing, and Analysis

sample image


IES and partnering groups have been working in the oilfield service industry for more than 30 years. We have processed and analyzed more than 2000 high speed events including - perforating, propellant stimulation, extreme over balance, extreme under balance, dynamic under balance, hydraulic fracturing, and various combinations of these types of events.

 We are available for any questions about programming the gauge (trigger levels, sample rates, time windows, and more), and data processing and analysis.

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Service and Repair

sample imageWe provide full service repair and have highly trained technical support staff.  Contact us anytime with questions about your next downhole job.